Development Monitoring

With a broad base of consultancy and construction skills we provide a development monitoring service which can be tailored to suit.

Our experience over the last 18 years monitoring small and large projects is invaluable in delivering this service.

Development Monitoring Services include:

  • Stage 1 – Initial Audit reporting
  • Stage 2 – Progress Reporting
  • Stage 3 – Practical completion

The above includes the assessment, review & monitoring of:

  • Land and property acquisition matters & Statutory compliance
  • The Developers project team and proposed project management systems competency.
  • Development, finance, consultancy and construction agreements
  • Construction costs and programmes and design and construction quality
  • Review of developer’s shell design
  • Programme Review and Monitoring
  • Regular developer meetings and site inspections
  • Monitoring of developer change requests
  • Utility Monitoring
  • Practical Completion viability and acceptability
  • Snagging and Variation review and resolution

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